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Get everything you need to know about your vehicle or fleet in one app

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Know the exact real-time location of your vehicle at all times and share it with your team, family, or friends so they are always up to date.

View vehicle trip history

Know where your vehicle has been, replay your journey and know the duration and distance of each trip.

Activate CarWatch

Activate CarWatch when you park and your virtual car guard will alert us and you as soon as your vehicle ignites or changes location.

Simple and compliant travel log

Effortlessly record all your trips as business or personal trips and add descriptions to stay compliant with tax regulations or company policies.

Improve safety with driver scorecards

Use our scorecard to find out how you can help your drivers improve their driving behaviour and improve road safety.

Get your important alerts

Know when your driver is using your vehicle, when entering or leaving your geofence, speed, or idling with push notifications.

Start preventing vehicle safety

Activate Start Prevent on your app and ensure that only authorized drivers can start your vehicle to ensure your vehicle safety.

Live stream your vehicles and cargo

Keep your team and cargo safe without having to distract drivers with our advanced video telematics cameras.

Set up critical areas with geofencing

Create virtual boundaries on our platform and receive app alerts anytime, anywhere when your vehicle enters or leaves your area of interest.

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