The complete fleet management solution for your cold chain logistics business

Driver safety, cold chain monitoring, real-time visibility, and streamlined compliance are all at the touch of a button for any business that eats, beverages, ice, or other perishable goods

No more spoilt goods

Receive alerts the moment your vehicle’s reefer temperature changes and know it’s exact live GPS location so you can immediately send a replacement truck if necessary.

Deliver fresh goods to your customers, every time

Eliminate rejected deliveries and build better customer relationships. Keep your customers in the loop with automated updates from dispatch to delivery and ensure them that their goods have remained fresh during transit with an electronic proof of delivery and audited temperature reports.

Know that your cargo is always safe

Ensure cargo is fully accounted for from dispatch to delivery with our simple-to-use stock control technology. For added peace-of-mind you get alerts the moment anyone opens your cargo door outside of your delivery zones, and you’ll have the footage to know who it was.

Easier dispatch, faster delivery

Our user-friendly platform allows you to view available drivers, assign jobs and update them in real-time through our app, which ensures that the right customer and driver information is always conveyed, helping you deliver faster

Rapidly reduce unexpected downtime

Let our predictive maintenance alerts and engine diagnostics let you stay ahead of vehicle service and reduce unnecessary downtime to help you reduce operating costs, extend fleet life, and stay on schedule

Safer drivers, safer cargo

Our AI-powered SmartCabin cameras let you see which drivers speed, get distracted, drive harshly or become tired, enabling you to improve their road behaviour with safe-drive training. Reduce accidents and cargo damage, as well as unnecessary maintenance and infringement costs.

Staying compliant has never been easier

Our driver ID tags, work logs, machine utilisation and breathalyser reports help ensure only authorised, well-rested drivers operate your vehicles. You will also receive smart alerts reminding you to update any regulatory paperwork or service your machinery, all of which will be automatically documented.

Toll and fuel-card fraud challenges solved

Save your business time and money with smart technology that automatically verifies fuel card payments by matching fuel sensor data, vehicle location records, and fuel card receipts and alerts you to any potential fraud