Gain actionable insights about your business

Identify challenges today, know how to solve them, and improve operational efficiency with actionable insights to help you keep your business growing.

Receive contextual metrics

By aligning your operational, administrative, and financial data, we can generate metrics such as cost per job so you can better understand your business and make accurate strategic decisions.

Use comparable metrics

Compare metrics for drivers and vehicles, pinpoint your vulnerabilities and see their scale so you know exactly how to tackle your challenges and where to schedule your time.

Get the most important insights today

With a single click, you can effectively visualize your fleet's fuel consumption, unproductive idling, safety and utilization on our dashboard. You can even filter data by time or vehicle to pinpoint challenges for added flexibility and speed.

Smart reports delivered to your inbox

Automate all important reports and schedule them to match your workflow. With over a hundred different reports to choose from, you'll have all the information you need to make your business operations more efficient.

Fleet size optimization

Understand the utilization of your vehicles and assets to understand when you need to expand your fleet.


Fleet costs

Know exactly how much it costs to operate your fleet and how those costs are distributed across your business.

Driver scorecard

Improve driver safety, reduce poor driving behavior, reduce accidents, and extend vehicle life through training.

Driver productivity

Find out how much time your drivers spend on the road and how much work they've accomplished for underutilized team members during that time.

Fuel consumption

Identify fuel trends so you can spot any fuel card fraud or siphons and see exactly where fuel consumption needs to be improved.

Cost per job and kilometers

Compare accurate metrics to see if your route is optimal and see how other costs affect your bottom line.