Easy job management and driver scheduling

Simplify driver task management with an effective overview of your entire fleet operations

Streamline workflows with real-time work updates

Instantly assign your driver tasks or have them accept work based on their availability and automatically update their progress, saving your driver time and allowing you to proactively warn customers of any potential delays.
Carteric application interface
Carteric application interface

Less paperwork, more punctual delivery

Send jobs to drivers in advance or in real time or even chat with them through our app. Keep every driver up-to-date with the latest customer information and work instructions for a seamless delivery process. Paperless scheduling means more delivery time.

Maximize driver and vehicle utilization to improve operational efficiency

Make sure you make the most of your vehicle operationally and financially

Know the schedule of drivers and vehicles

Get a visual timeline overview of all work and vehicle bookings so you can easily plan your team's day-to-day work to ensure you get the most out of your team and assets.

Reduce unplanned downtime

Our intelligent predictive maintenance enables a healthy maintenance lifecycle, eliminating curbside failures and reducing maintenance downtime.

Reduce the time between jobs

Let your warehouse or customers know when your chauffeur is nearby so they can be ready when they arrive.