Complete fleet management solutions for your construction business

Track and improve your fleet and asset efficiency, productivity, and safety with real-time visibility and actionable interfaces through a cloud platform

Maximize asset utilization

Arranging your fleet, construction, equipment, and manpower for each site project and being alerted when your assets are idle or overused helps you efficiently reallocate resources, maximize utilization, and minimize costs

No more unplanned downtime

Intelligent predictive maintenance lets you know in advance when your vehicles and machinery need repairs, helping you avoid unplanned downtime, reduce maintenance costs, extend vehicle life, and keep your projects running smoothly

Protect your assets and goods at all times

Geofencing notifies you in real-time if your cargo is unloaded in the wrong location, alerting you immediately when any vehicle enters or leaves a designated area, while activating prevention technology to ensure your drivers only operate your fleet within your authorized time frame

Improve safety and reduce accidents

Driver scorecards and AI-powered cabin cameras let you see which drivers are tired, speed, brake harshly, corner quickly or get distracted easily, allowing you to implement the correct training to improve their road behavior and reduce your vehicle wear and tear.

Accurate time records make it easier to calculate costs

Automated reports show you exactly when drivers arrive or leave a designated place of work, giving you actual hours worked, so you can bill customers and pay your team fairly and worry-free

Know where your fleet is

Cut out the unnecessary time and travel costs searching for your construction vehicles and equipment. Our accurate GPS tracking is designed to monitor the exact location and trip history of your assets, no matter the size, so you can leave them at any site without a worry.

Easy to manage, easy to comply with

Driver card taps, work logs, machine usage reports ensure that your machine can only be used if authorized, everything is automatically recorded, and you also receive automatic reminders to update any regulatory documents or repair your machine

Stay on top of your costs

We centralize all your cost and work log data in one place so you can understand actual project costs and ensure pricing keeps you profitable, showing where you cut costs and increase efficiency, allowing you to focus on growing your business