Get real-time vehicle diagnostics and develop effective maintenance plans

Keep vehicles healthy and drivers safe at all times with seamless maintenance schedules

Avoid road breakdowns and accidents

Receive real-time alerts on any engine failures, worn brake pads, oil and water fluctuations, and other diagnostics to help you pre-determine which vehicles need to be serviced.

Respond immediately to maintenance needs

Schedule maintenance in advance and warn drivers through our app to keep your workflow uninterrupted. Communicate directly with your driver when a fault is detected, letting them know where to drive their vehicle in real time, helping you minimize downtime and future problems.

Know that your cargo is always safe

Ensure cargo is fully accounted for from dispatch to delivery with our simple-to-use stock control technology. For added peace-of-mind you get alerts the moment anyone opens your cargo door outside of your delivery zones, and you’ll have the footage to know who it was.

Automatic preventive maintenance

Our platform automatically schedules maintenance for each of your vehicles by using your usage time and the time of last service, hassle-free.

Reduce your maintenance costs

A robust maintenance service program helps prevent vehicle breakdowns and minimizes major indirect and direct costs.

Increase the life of your vehicle

With a proactive maintenance program, your vehicle will stay healthier for longer, ensuring you get more out of it.

Reduce unnecessary downtime

Prevent vehicle breakdowns and plan your services in advance to reduce project disruptions.