Know you're always compliant

Stay compliant by easily managing and automating your compliance throughout your operations.

Make sure that only well-rested drivers can drive your vehicle

Track how much time your team spends in the field and the number of hours they work so you know exactly when your drivers need a break. Automatically block any driver from starting the vehicle and receive a clear digital record of the entire fleet work log.

No more paperwork

Keep your insurance, licenses, and any other regulatory contracts up to date with our automated reminders. By digitizing your business, you will never lose your files or waste time searching for them again.

Check in the bud

Create streamlined workflows that immediately alert administrators in real-time to any compliance or business risks and prevent unauthorized machine or vehicle use.

Help your chauffeurs stay compliant

Our AI cameras alert your drivers to any high-risk behavior in real-time to help prevent them from committing any road violations, such as speeding. Use our Driver Scorecard to find out which drivers could benefit from additional training to encourage their fully compatible workflow.

Keep your vehicle healthy and ready

Ensure drivers are inspected before starting work and receive automatic preventive maintenance reminders to ensure your vehicle is always healthy and safe for road use.