Track all your trailers with GPS

Our GPS-tracking technology will ensure your trailers are always accounted for and never go missing.

Always know exactly where the trailer is

See your trailers’ exact live GPS location on one map and know exactly where they’ve been with full trip-history reports. You can also be at peace knowing our wireless telematics device’s battery last up to seven years and you’ll receive an alert in the event of no power.
Carteric application interface
Carteric application interface

No more damaged or lost goods

Monitor your goods from shipment to delivery with door and temperature sensors, and view the inside of the trailer in real-time with our smart camera technology.

Easily manage all your trailers

Stay in control from pickup to delivery to deliver the best customer experience every time.

Receive maintenance alerts

We automate your maintenance intervals and remind you to schedule your services based on mileage and service intervals.

Increase your trailer utilization

Streamline workflows by effortlessly assigning trailers to drivers and jobs, ensuring you get the most out of your trailer.

Receive unauthorized movement alerts

Set up geofencing and we'll sound alerts when your trailer leaves your authorized location.