Cartrack Fleet Management Solution Operations Guide

Our how-to guide shows you how to use our platform with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.


Use this additional feature to reduce your fleet operating costs and monitor company expenses.
MiFleet includes intelligent algorithms and business intelligence to help you make informed decisions about where to save. Select the MiFleet tab on the platform and access the dashboard, then select the cost category you want to know about – such as fuel, tolls, fines, tires, maintenance, accidents, and insurance. Get a cost breakdown of all vehicles and compare them. As a result, you can get reports on your fleet's fuel consumption to avoid fuel waste and determine which vehicles are more cost-effective and detect any possible fuel fraud.

Camera equipment

Cartrack's easy-to-use video system features up to 8 internal or external AI cameras to keep drivers, fleets, and cargo safe.
They can detect all types of events and sound alerts to avoid potential hazards on the road, such as ahead, distracted/tired driving, smoking, yawning, and cell phone detection. Use video footage to train and show how drivers can improve their driving behavior and increase their safety on the road. Access the AI dashboard via FleetWeb and select the LiveVision icon, then select AI Security Camera Event Trend Overview. To view AI events, select the vehicle you want to view on the map and the date the event occurred. The visual filter under Layers lists shots of all AI events. If there are any AI events, the footage will be automatically recorded and stored, which you can play or download.


It's the world's leading SaaS fleet platform that gives you everything you need to run your fleet in one place.
Streamline processes from management to field operations and gain powerful, automated insights in real time. Make various decisions about costing, drivers, fuel use, maintenance, etc. Log in to the Vehicle Monitoring platform to find a comprehensive map overview of all the fleet-related categories you need on a daily basis. Once logged in, switch between vehicle, place, or coordinate searches and access additional features such as vehicle trip history.

Mobile app

"On the go, the Cartrack app gives you peace of mind at the push of a button. Once you download and log in to the app, you can use it to locate your vehicle, get driver behavior reports, vehicle tracking, stolen vehicle recovery services, and more. Click here to learn how to use the Cartrack app. ”


A tool that powers your delivery and communicates easily with your driver.
Conveniently streamline processes between management, drivers, and customers from start to finish. The feature intuitively allows drivers to accept orders and deliver them on time, and dispatchers can also create, assign and monitor orders and driver status. Select the Delivery tab on the FleetWeb platform, and then select a driver to view their information and location. Here you can see all the work of the driver for the day and sort them by route or work and their status. Drivers can log into the app, where they will lose their jobs. They will set their own status, acceptance, start, and finish work.