Keep your refrigerated goods fresh with temperature monitoring

Our reefer temperature monitoring software will ensure that your refrigerated goods are always fresh, reducing rejections of delivery and keeping your customers happy.

Real-time reefer temperature tracking

Easily monitor the temperature condition of your refrigerated trucks and receive real-time alerts in case of any fluctuations, keeping perishable goods fresh.

Build customer trust

Receive a complete cold chain temperature history report for each trip and easily attach it to your customers' electronic proof of delivery, ensuring their goods are always fresh from pick up to delivery.

Improve operational efficiency and reduce operating costs

Streamline everything you need in one platform

Optimize your reefer utilization

Multiplier. Visually plan the schedule of your refrigerated truck and dispatch work effortlessly, maximizing the use of transportation.

No more rejected deliveries

Receive reports on truck temperature ranges to ensure customers' shipments remain fresh and avoid shipping damaged goods.

Stay fully compliant

Digitize and automate your temperature tracking, recording, and monitoring to keep all your important documents at your fingertips.