Reduce fuel costs through better fuel management

Simplify fuel cost data collection, improve reliability, easily share information across your enterprise, understand your leaks, and gain actionable insights to improve your fuel economy.

Understand your fuel trends and optimize your vehicle utilization

Receive metrics for each driver and vehicle per kilometer driven and every job done to quickly pinpoint the exact areas that need attention and have all the tools you need to correct them.
Carteric application interface
Carteric application interface

Improve driving behavior to reduce fuel consumption

Our smart dashboard shows how much fuel your fleet is using when idling unproductively and which drivers need additional driver training to help them reduce poor road behavior and unnecessary fuel consumption

Stop card fraud and fuel theft

Our smart algorithm automatically matches fuel receipts to your vehicle's location and fuel status, instantly notifying you of any potential fraud. Now you can spot unusual increases in fuel consumption and access trip reports using fuel sensor data to verify any suspicions.
Carteric application interface

Easily manage fuel costs

You can track every transaction in your fleet, understand exactly how your fuel costs affect your business, and understand where improvements are needed.

Automatically pull in fuel card transactions

Improve data accuracy and reliability, reduce administrative burden, and eliminate the worry of lost fuel receipts.


Understand the cost of your entire fleet

Know exactly how your fuel consumption is distributed across your vehicle, fleet, driver, and more.

Get smart reports delivered straight to your inbox

Customize your fuel usage and expense reports and receive them daily, weekly, or monthly so they fit your team's workflow.