Increase taxi productivity and revenue with a fleet management system built for your taxi business

Learn about your taxi and driver work experience, book and dispatch and manage vehicle maintenance through one platform.

Get a complete picture of your earnings

We correlate passenger numbers and miles with the taxi's meter readings, ensuring that each trip is fully accounted for and becomes a log report to ensure you can accurately manage your profits.
Carteric application interface

Safer drivers, safer passengers

Our Driver Scorecard and AI Lens let you know exactly which drivers need safe driving training to prevent them from speeding, distracting, cornering and braking too fast. The result is a reduction in fines, accidents and maintenance costs.

Extend vehicle life with a simple maintenance schedule

Receive preventive maintenance alerts that any of your vehicles require service or a dedicated maintenance inspection. You can easily assign reservations to drivers in advance so they can plan their schedules without interrupting your business.
Carteric application interface
Carteric application interface

Easily book and dispatch your taxi

Check if your chauffeur is available, schedule a reservation and send their confirmation to the customer via SMS or email. You can even see where your nearest driver is doing last-minute work, or assign tasks to all drivers and allow them to accept based on their occupancy.

Less empty taxis and more travel

Compare each driver's mileage, gauge readings, and travel area to identify inefficiencies so you know whether to reallocate underutilized taxis to high-demand areas or direct drivers to be more productive.
Carteric application interface