Support your drivers with a fleet management system

Support your drivers with a fleet management system

Fleet drivers represent the business community and provide much-needed services to the public. Security measures benefit not only them, but also the companies they work in, maximizing profits, cutting costs, and improving delivery systems. Discover actionable fleet safety tips for drivers.

From the moment they leave the premises and hit the road, fleet drivers take responsibility for their vehicles, their cargo and their own health. They should think about what to do with vehicles, how to avoid potholes and any objects that could compromise safety, and so on.

Driver safety is the most critical aspect of the success of a fleet management system. By putting driver safety and empowerment at the center of training programs, fleet managers can focus on their most valuable asset – drivers who recognize their dangerous road behavior and work to correct it. Taking initiatives can put fleet drivers in the best position, help their fleet stay on track during challenging times, and give their managers one less thing to worry about.


The Cartracks fleet management system helps you manage your vehicle maintenance schedule


Manage your fleet on the road

While the fleet system undergoes new technological upgrades every year, it's important not to forget to leverage technological innovations to positively impact the daily workload of fleet drivers. Fleet managers should start using fleet management software that not only optimizes delivery workflows, but also improves driver skills, awareness, and road behavior.

Fleet drivers face many challenges while driving; One issue affecting the supply chain is road issues, which can hinder or delay deliveries. These issues can be dealing with vehicle maintenance issues, such as a flat tire while driving, which can endanger themselves and other motorists, or unforeseen situations of criminal activity that can put the driver's life at risk.


Fleet safety first


According to the International Traffic Safety Data and Analysis Organization's 2020 annual road safety report, problems such as heavy and unqualified transit vehicles and improper driving vehicles on rural roads are important causes of road accidents and casualties.

Speed coupled with a lack of lane markings, unmarked intersections, and unsafe pavement also adds to the high accident rate on our roads.


The same report highlights that in all countries:


  • Speed is a factor in 15% to 35% of fatal car accidents
  • Between 10% and 30% of fatal crashes are caused by drunk driving

In fact, your chauffeur is on these roads, but that's where technologically advanced fleet management systems come into play. It will allow you to develop speed management and monitoring strategies, help you implement safer driving behaviors with regular reports, and track the location of your drivers and vehicles so that if they encounter any type of trouble, you can act quickly.


Gain insights from your fleet


A great way to instill safer driver behavior in your fleet is to have safety meetings with drivers. Here, they can actively discuss with the management team what needs to be improved for individual vehicles and the entire fleet. These measures can be as simple as avoiding routes currently under construction or requiring a complete change of route due to dangerous situations such as potholes, illegal activities, etc.

Take the time to draft a fleet safety policy around drivers. Put yourself in the driver's seat. Keep it simple but as specific as possible, and have regular reviews with your driver. These meetings may include discussions around issues such as seat belt wearing, the use of breath analyzers, and focused driving, which can all be monitored through the fleet management system.

Giving fleet drivers a front-seat advantage on the road, so make the most of their knowledge and drive effective teamwork. Managers can also use these meetings to discuss ways and means to improve inspections, tolls, license renewals, and more.

Cartrack's MiFleet software is a great app for doing it all; It reduces your administrative time and keeps you informed about where and when you need to pay for your vehicle with alerts and reminders.

The alerts sent will also help fleet managers avoid unnecessary downtime and lost production due to delays such as service maintenance or unpaid fines, and help extend the life of vehicles.


Use the Cartracks fleet management system to track your vehicle maintenance

Fleet monitoring benefits transporters

There are many roadside situations and it is the responsibility of the fleet manager to be present in each of his/her teams as much as possible, address any minor or major issues, and quickly find the right long-term solution

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