How to shake off a tracked car!

How to shake off a tracked car!

How to shake off a tracked car

Going home is one of those little things in life that makes you happy, but be wary of suspicious cars in your happiness. You never know who's staring at you!

Be careful when you're out and about.

One worrying trend is that criminals will wait in the mall for their "target", usually a person alone, carrying shopping items. These "marks" make them believe that you are rich and easy to get your hands on. They will even follow you home, but will not take any action, but will explore the area like you did for up to two weeks.

Tips and advice for throwing off tracked cars

If you spot a suspicious car following you, turn a few corners that you wouldn't normally turn to see if they're still following you. If they're still tracking, pick up your phone and call the nearest police station, describe the vehicle, your situation, and location, and head straight there! Here are some important things to keep in mind in this case.

Do not drive fast or drive recklessly, this will cause the stalker to be alert. They probably drive better than you, get used to this dramatic scene, and most importantly they have weapons!
Don't try to engage with them. Don't look them in the eye, and if you give these people any reason to feel threatened, they will react.
When turning a blind corner, if it's safe to do so, you can accelerate quickly and try to distance yourself from the tracker.
When you arrive at the police station, if they are still following you, make as much noise as possible to get the attention of the police. Scream, shout, honk, if you need to run away quickly, turn off the fire and run inside.
Unfortunately, there is a frightening trend of robbers dressed as police officers to stop unsuspecting victims. In this case, if you feel that these police officers are not real, do not stop and drive directly to the nearest police station.
Be careful outside!


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