Benefits of installing a Cartrack device

Benefits of installing a Cartrack device

Benefits of vehicle tracking systems for private car owners

Cartrack's vehicle tracking system can help protect the physical safety and overall health of you and your loved ones.

Benefits of vehicle theft recovery include:

International and local recovery: Each Cartrack unit is equipped with international roaming capabilities so it can be tracked beyond the South African border (if roaming arrangements are available).
GSM and RF technology: Cartrack uses two communication platforms to ensure optimal efficiency when positioning vehicles. The GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) network serves as its main communication platform. It is the most extensive, reliable and fastest-growing communications network. In the case of recovering a vehicle, Cartrack also tracks your vehicle using RF communication that locates your vehicle in a basement or garage.
Web-based software: Quickly check the current location of your vehicle online.
Instant positioning via Control Room: Locate or test your unit at any time, just dial the Control Room. This feature is available to you 24/7/365 at any time.
Ground and Air Recovery Response: Cartrack has an in-house network of recycling experts with fully equipped vehicles. They are distributed throughout the country to ensure a quick recovery. Depending on the region, it may be more effective to track vehicles using helicopters or fixed-wing aircraft than using vehicles alone.
24-hour unit testing service: In addition to regular active testing, Cartrack provides you with free 24-hour unit testing service. Simply call the Cartrack control room and test immediately.
Disassembly Warning: This function incorporates additional undisclosed features that alert us if the vehicle has been disassembled or stolen. If we receive any alerts for this feature, we will call you immediately to confirm the incident.
Advanced installation techniques: This feature provides benefits for high-risk vehicles. Cartrack goes the extra mile and implements advanced mounting techniques to ensure your vehicle is protected from any external threats.
Ignition sensor: This feature is especially useful for customers who want to monitor vehicle usage but do not need the full functionality of a fleet management system.
150k warranty: Cartrack's recovery warranty is the first in South Africa. We are confident in recovering your vehicle and we will deliver on our promise that if you fail to repossess your vehicle, we will compensate you up to R150,000. This warranty applies to the purchase of Cartrack vehicle theft recovery products. Terms and conditions apply.
94% audited recovery rate: Cartrack's stolen vehicle recovery rate is externally audited at 94%, thanks to our focus on on-board unit miniaturization, specialized installation technology, and our in-house team of recovery experts. The Cartrack control room is open all year round, ensuring our recovery team can recover your vehicle quickly and efficiently.
Install on your premises: Cartrack has more than 300 dedicated in-house technicians across the country. They are ready to install the unit in a safe and suitable location of your choice. If you wish, you can also take your vehicle to the Cartrack Installation Center, which is located in branches in each metropolitan area. Since all technicians are employed by Cartrack, we can ensure the highest installation quality.
Advantages of fleet management vehicle tracking systems

Vehicle tracking technology has become an important tool for effective fleet management. It can help improve driver safety and productivity.

Benefits of fleet management include:

Vehicle Theft Recovery: The Cartrack system uses the GSM network, the most extensive network currently available in the vehicle tracking industry. These technologies can instantly locate and track your vehicle in real time.
Web-based software: Instant online access to the vehicle's current and historical location.
Reports: Automated reports provide detailed information about fleet movements. With over 40 standard reports, including trip and driver behavior reports, and vehicle utilization by the hour or kilometers, you'll get all the information you need to accurately and effectively manage your fleet.
Geofencing: Gives you the freedom to define your restricted areas, business and customer locations, and points of interest. You can be notified via email or SMS when any of your vehicles enter or leave a defined geofenced area.
Route Replay: Accurately monitors driver routes and behavior, providing you with information on ignition status, arrival time, route deviation, and any idling, overspeeding, hard acceleration, braking, and cornering


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