The secret to becoming an effective fleet manager

The secret to becoming an effective fleet manager

When it comes to fleet management and workforce optimization, Cartrack has some essential fleet management principles that can help you keep your fleet drivers safe and work efficiently and efficiently.
Applying these best practices will help you improve fleet management, whether your fleet is large or small – a fleet of two scooters or a fleet of 200 trucks.

Put safety first
Addressing any driver issues that may occur in advance can save your company and employees a lot of money. Since there are many disturbances and safety hazards on the road, you must take measures to prevent accidents or dangerous situations. For example, ensuring that all fleet drivers are equipped with a hands-free kit may seem like a huge upfront expense, but alternatives will cost more.
If your driver is in an accident, Cartrack's accident reconstruction feature is a powerful feature that gives you access to accurate, irrefutable data about the circumstances of your vehicle's accident – road conditions, speed, acceleration, hard braking and turning, as well as the exact time and place where the accident occurred. With this data, you'll be able to determine exactly how accidents occurred and their impact on the whole, helping you improve driving safety and driver behavior for your fleet.

Set performance standards for your drivers
As Cartrack has witnessed, motivating employees to do good work can work effectively for some workforces, but your drivers should always adhere to performance standards. This could be fuel efficiency or regular vehicle inspections. If all drivers save fuel and keep their vehicles up and running with better driving habits, it could lead to huge savings for the entire fleet. Cartrack's automated reports give you detailed insights into fleet movements.

With more than 40 standard reports, including trip and driver behavior reports, and vehicle utilization by the hour or kilometers, you'll get all the information you need to accurately and effectively manage your fleet. Our route replay feature allows you to accurately monitor driver routes and behavior, providing you with data and alerts on ignition status, arrival time, route deviation, and any idling, speeding, hard acceleration, braking, and cornering. Our route replay feature will help you improve the efficiency and productivity of your fleet by helping you ensure that drivers follow their assigned routes and adhere to acceptable standards of driver behavior.

Manage your maintenance
Your drivers are unlikely to prioritize routine service and maintenance for your fleet, so you need to streamline their scheduling and reporting as much as possible. Cartrack's fleet management software, automated email alerts, and providing mobile phone access are key to a successful vehicle maintenance program. By entering your service interval and license expiry date, Cartrack's fleet management system can be configured to alert you when your vehicle needs repairs or license renewal – just another way Cartrack puts you in control of your fleet.

Metrics are important
You need the right data to stay on top of your fleet operations. You need to be able to evaluate and standardize your data so you know how to improve it. Cost/km is one of the important metrics to consider as it contains many important factors. Cartrack's data centers are of the highest quality to keep your data safe.

Don't forget to record
If you're still using the Files folder, it's time to upgrade. Online storage is cost-effective and easily accessible, meaning there's no reason not to centralize and consolidate all fleet information and tracking information in one place. Cartrack provides online access to 6 months of historical data. In addition, Cartrack offers up to 3 years of secure archive storage capacity.

Track trends
Stay up to date with the latest developments in vehicle technology by reading industry publications or following fleet management blogs such as this one. By adopting best practices and best technology, fleet managers can play a huge role in their operations and choose the most cost-effective approach for your fleet.


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