A list of car emergency essentials

A list of car emergency essentials

Any driver who has experienced a flat tire while driving knows that at least a well-maintained spare tire, a jack and a tire crowbar need in the trunk of the car. However, Tiger Wheel & Tyre warns that there are other potential emergencies that motorists should be prepared for.

"From flat tires or dead batteries to vehicle breakdowns or even medical issues, a lot can happen while driving," says Joe du Plooy, head of marketing at TiAuto Group. "While it's impossible to plan or deal with all types of roadside emergencies, a little preparation can go a long way."

Tiger Wheel & Tyre recommends that motorists stock the following basic emergency items in their trunk:

A well-inflated spare wheel, jack and tire wrench (run-out tires not included)
Battery jumper cable, if you often drive off the beaten path, bring a fully charged battery booster in case you can't find someone to borrow the battery and help
First aid kits, regular check-ups and refills, as medicines expire and some items may rot due to the heat inside the car
Bottled water and non-perishable snacks in case your emergency keeps you stuck in place for hours
A map book in case your GPS malfunctions or your phone battery runs out
Mobile phone car battery charger
With tape, pocket knives, and Q20 lubricant, you'll be surprised at how many roadside emergencies this power trio can handle
Cash, ancient banknotes can help you pay for assistance and curbside repairs in areas where credit cards are not accepted
"For the most part, the journey from point A to point B is wave-free, which is what we hope for our customers and all motorists, but it's never wrong to be prepared and that's the message we want to convey. Spend half an hour collecting these items and putting them in the trunk. You will waste half an hour at most, but in an emergency, these items will most likely save your life and will certainly save your sanity," concludes du Plooy.


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