A new modus operandi for the speeding thief

A new modus operandi for the speeding thief

A worrying new trend has emerged in Johannesburg where everyone is targeted and the callousness of thieves can only be matched by their brazen behavior. Recently, this article has gone viral online, drawing attention to this phenomenon, but this is the case with most crimes in South Africa, and they will be forgotten. However, we feel close to this topic because some of our employees have unfortunately fallen victim to this crime.

We want to keep the noise around these growing events and try to prevent others from becoming victims. We interviewed some senior employees for advice on how to prevent this from happening.

"These guys are very good at taking advantage of opportunities, they seem to have a 'shopping list' of things they want to take, and mobile phones, jewelry and wallets are popular. So when at intersections, watch out for the guys who are moving between cars parked in traffic.
Since they're always looking for their next target, make sure to keep a low profile, especially when intersecting, with the doors locked and the windows closed.
leave a large enough gap between the cars for a quick escape; You always need an escape route.
If attacked, obey the orders of the looters and do not make sudden and quick movements.
Hide or keep all your valuables in the trunk as much as possible, and nothing says you have money like a laptop in the front seat.
Stay vigilant and report any suspicious situations to the relevant authorities! Be careful and always be vigilant. To provide backup support for your vehicle and yourself, install the Cartrack Stolen Vehicle Recovery Unit.


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