Reduce premiums through risk management strategies
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Reduce premiums

By partnering with Cartrack, you can significantly reduce your insurance costs.

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Crash alert

If an accident occurs in your vehicle, our round-the-clock control room will be alerted and emergency services will be dispatched immediately.

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Stolen vehicle recovery

Cartrack relies on world-class tracking technology and a vehicle search system to recover stolen vehicles. Even in high-crime regions such as South Africa, Cartrack has a proven track record of recovering stolen vehicles.

Why choose telematics insurance?

Telematics provides insurers and fleet operators with ways to better manage driver behavior, thereby significantly reducing the rate of loss caused by accidents.

Using Cartrack's telematics technology, drivers will be assessed on a number of important driving habits and behaviors, including:

  • The specific time the driver is on the road
  • The number of kilometers per driven
  • High-risk areas where vehicles are primarily driven or parked
  • Specific driver-related elements, such as acceleration into sharp turns and hard braking, increase the risk to the driver
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