Aggressive driving

High-risk behaviors such as speeding, hard braking, sharp acceleration, sharp turns, and more Cartrack devices track your vehicle and driver activity in real time to track driving habits.

Asset tracking

Asset tracking is the process of monitoring and tracking the exact location of vehicles, including trailers.

Asset utilisation

Cartrack asset utilization solutions allow you to track vehicles and who is driving your vehicle, what vehicle they are driving, where your vehicle is, when your fleet vehicles are driving, and how the vehicles are driving.


A dashcam or dashboard camera is a technology that records real-time images inside a car.

Driving ID

A tracking tool that identifies which unauthorized or authorized driver is driving the vehicle.

Driving record


Driver scorecard

Use Cartrack tracking solutions to individually score driving behaviors such as speeding, acceleration, hard braking, sharp turns, and idling, then combine them to produce an overall driving score, giving you the opportunity to guide drivers and ensure safety.

Driving behavior

Driving behavior indicates how the driver operates the vehicle based on speed, braking turns, shifting gears, and idling.

Engine diagnostics

This is a system that automatically checks any engine health and can diagnose information such as fuel usage, coolant temperature, and general liquid levels.

Fleet maintenance

Fleet maintenance refers to all the processes involved in keeping a fleet's vehicles in good working order to avoid unnecessary breakdowns and service.

Fleet maintenance records

These include; Details of safety checks, routine maintenance, and periodic maintenance records

Fleet management

Overall management of vehicles such as cars, vans, trucks, buses and machinery.

Fleet optimization

Actionable insights from detailed reports on individual and fleet fuel usage.

Fleet tracking

Fuel theft can be defined as the illegal theft of fuel from your fleet's tanks. Cartrack's new fuel sensor sends you real-time alerts for fuel theft.

Fuel card

Drivers use the fuel card to fill their vehicle with diesel or gasoline, and then the station charges their fleet company for fuel.

Fuel management system

A fuel management system is the process of managing and improving fuel usage and costs.

Fuel card fraud

Fuel card fraud is the act of using a fuel card on the wrong vehicle. Cartrack fleet solutions ensure the right card is in the right place at the right time, in the right vehicle.

Global Positioning System

GPS uses satellites to receive vehicle position, speed, direction and time data.


A geofence is a virtual boundary set on a geographic area to monitor when a vehicle leaves or enters a specific area.

Idle time

Idling refers to the period when the engine of a vehicle or machinery runs without moving.

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is a regular system that helps reduce the likelihood that vehicles will have to face unnecessary downtime.

Productive idling

Productive idling is when a vehicle is not moving, but its engine is running to power the machinery used to do the work.

Real time

The ability to view live events or events as they occur.


A dry cargo container, which is insulated and equipped with a refrigeration device designed to maintain a certain temperature for the transported cargo.


Telematics is a field that connects telecommunications and computer systems and is often used to describe the act of extracting data from connected vehicles and processing it into analytics about fleets.

Temperature Monitoring

Advanced sensors are integrated with your tracking software and are designed to monitor the temperature and alert you in real-time when the temperature drops.

Trailer Tracking

Trailer tracking refers to the process of using a Cartrack tracking device to track the exact location of a vehicle's trailer.

Unproductive idling

Unproductive idling is when the vehicle is not running, the vehicle is not moving, its engine is running and does not use power to do any work. This is common when drivers are resting and want to keep the air conditioner running.

Vehicle shutdown

When the vehicle is not being used due to planned or unplanned maintenance issues.

Vehicle tracking

When Cartrack installs GPS tracking devices in vehicles to locate and monitor exact geographic locations using the latest satellite technology.