Your administrator becomes simple

Get more out of your data. Reduce time for repetitive management by integrating, automating, and customizing your operations.

Spend less time entering data

Automatically get all your important data onto our platform using our API integrations and bulk importing. All team members can easily access or upload information from one platform, helping you avoid any double entries.

Seamless automated reporting

Choose from hundreds of powerful reports or get customizable reports tailored to your business, all delivered straight to your inbox, ensuring you get everything when and where you need it.

Never forget to update your paperwork again

Receive automatic alerts whenever any regulatory contract expires, bills or fines need to be paid, or any other contract needs to be renewed, ensuring your fleet doesn't suffer unnecessary downtime or additional fines.

Digitize all your operations

Keep electronic versions of your paperwork in one place so you can save time searching for important documents and give the right people access to all the data they need with just one button, helping you avoid delays and keep your operations running smoothly.

Cost savings through predictive maintenance

Our automated predictive maintenance program uses your engine diagnostics, hours of use, and last service time to understand when your vehicle needs service, helping you extend the life of your vehicle and reduce maintenance costs.