Cartrack will help search for missing children in South Africa

Cartrack will help search for missing children in South Africa

Cartrack, known for its car theft recovery technology, which includes complete connected car services and fleet management services, has taken another step in its corporate responsibility initiatives.

Cartrack announces its support for Missing Children (SA) in South Africa, demonstrating the company's commitment to protecting what is most precious to you. "The incidence of missing persons in our country is a hit for everyone, and statistics from the South African Police Service show that a child goes missing every five hours in our country," said Jacqui Marsh, marketing and communications manager at Cartrack.

It is incumbent upon each of us to do our part to protect the children who depend on us the most. With the power of social media, information about missing children can be released immediately, increasing the chances of finding them.

Jacqui added: "We encourage the public to get involved in reuniting missing children with their families by following Cartrack on Facebook and sharing missing posts. ”

Cartrack will provide financial support to Missing Children SA to enable it to improve its ability to provide this important service to South Africans.

Nico Panagio, Chairman of Missing Children SA, said: "With the help of businesses and organisations like Cartrack, Missing Children SA can achieve its goals. Our children are South Africa's future leaders and it is important to create a safe environment for them. ”

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