GPS Tracking and Fuel Monitoring

Proactively prevent fuel theft by using our GPS Fuel graph

GPS Tracking and Fuel Monitoring

Proactively prevent fuel theft by using our GPS Fuel graph

Putting you in control through our GPS Fuel Monitoring System

Protect and Monitor Assets with Our Tracking Solutions

Trusted by Companies Big & Small


Trusted by Companies Big & Small


Enjoy a Premium Service Offering

Cartrack is the only GPS tracking provider that develops our intelligent tracking devices in-house, and the only company whose devices are still functional more than eight years after installation.


How GPS Fuel Monitoring Works

Fuel Calibration

Fuel tank calibration is essential in order to create an accurate fuel chart for each vehicle. A well-trained Cartrack technician who is versed in the correct safety procedures will be dispatched to perform the fuel tank calibration.


Fill Parameters

All parameters are entered into the Cartrack’s fleet system allowing you to view the completed fuel chart. As you learn more and better understand the fuel tank and fuel consumption parameters, your fuel chart will reflect more accurate records.


Tracking and Training

While graph monitoring can appear to be an intimidating prospect, you will find that it is simple to understand and interpret these graphs thanks to regular in-house and on-site training for users.



  • State-of-the-art GPS tracking
  • Managed via the Cartrack SaaS Cloud
  • Useful graphs and related values for fuel monitoring in all dimensions
  • Regular updated reports
  • Simple and user-friendly
Customers Rave About Cartrack

"We are very satisfied with the reports from the CARTRACK. The Driver Scorecard Report can help drivers have a systematic evaluation, and lead the employees to control on their own performances. The system also controls the overall our cost factors than earlier. We also like their after sales services from the RM & the IT Team, who’s supporting & resolving any of the customers’ issue(s) quickly. This makes our overseas."

- Rentokil Initial Thailand Co., Ltd.