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November 25, 2013
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November 25, 2013

A New Modus Operandi for Smash and Grab Thieves


A worrying new trend has swept over Johannesburg where anyone is a target and the ruthlessness of the thieves is only matched by their brazen behavior. Recently this article was doing the rounds, and as such created a furor around the circumstances, but such is the case with most crimes in South Africa; it fades into the collective memory of forgotten things. We however feel close to the subject as some of our employees have unfortunately been the victims of such a crime.

We want to keep the noise surrounding these increasing incidents and try and prevent others from becoming victims themselves.

We spoke to senior employees and asked them for advice on exactly how to prevent these occurrences.

1. ‘These guys are opportunistic, it is almost as if they have a ‘shopping list’ of items they want to take, cellphones, jewelry and wallets are popular. So at intersections keep an eye out for guys walking in between cars that are sat in traffic.

2. As they are on the lookout constantly for the next score, ensure that you maintain an inconspicuous profile, keep the doors locked and windows up, especially at intersections.

3. Leave a gap large enough between cars that a quick getaway is an option; you always want an escape route.

4. If attacked, comply with the robbers do not make quick sudden movements.

5. Keep all valuables hidden/in your boot where possible, nothing advertises cash quite like a laptop on the front seat.

6. Be vigilant and report anything suspicious to the relevant agencies!

Be careful out there, be vigilant at all times. For backup support for you and your vehicle fit a Cartrack Stolen Vehicle Recovery Unit.