Answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions

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The update of the location is based on a time event. The predefined reporting intervals are as follows:

  • Every time the ignition status changes, i.e. when it is turned on or off
  • Every 3 km of travelling in a straight line
  • Every deviation of 10 degrees or more in any direction
  • The detection of excessive idling
  • Highlighting whenever the maximum set speed limit is exceeded
  • Any change of 5 km/h or more over the speed limit
  • An alert is triggered for events such as harsh acceleration/braking or cornering

When the vehicle is out of GPRS/GSM coverage, up to 5000 positions and events are stored in the device and streamed again as soon as GPRS/GSM communication is re-established.

The fuel report has a 95% accuracy. We require information on the fuel tank capacity of the vehicle, therefore it is essential that your driver finishes the current fuel tank and fills it to capacity three  times. The system will then learn the upper and lower level of the vehicle’s  fuel capacity, which will allow us to provide you with a more accurate fuel report. The calibration process will take about 3 weeks.

The driver reader will be placed on your dashboard and  integrated into our tracking unit. We will then provide 2 ID tags for each vehicle. Each ID tag has a unique number that is assigned to the driver on our system. Before the driver drives the vehicle, he has to tag the ID to the reader and the information will then be captured in the system. If he does not tag, there will be a buzzer sound.

A. Harsh braking – 0.4G
B. Harsh cornering – 0.34G
C. Harsh Acceleration – 0.4G

  • The red traffic indicator represents bad driving habits
  • The yellow traffic indicator represents driving habits that need attention but are acceptable
  • The green traffic indicator represents good driving habits

No – while the values will be close, there will be a difference of less than 5% over time.

Customers can provide us with the actual odometer reading on a yearly basis and we will update the device remotely.

Yes – however, this can only be done on vehicles with CAN Bus that support odometers.

Yes. The battery will last for a considerable period as the unit will be in a sleep mode and will only stream every 2 to 4 hours for the signal check. Whenever a vehicle is being towed and we have to activate the back-up battery, the back-up battery will last for 4 to 5 hours on active mode.

The location accuracy is high and can be traced to within a radius of about 3 meters at any stage. The speed and distance travelled are measured by the GPS system.