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The benefits of having a Cartrack unit installed

According to the crime statistics released by the Minister of Police Nathi Nhleko and police commissioner Riah Phiyega for 2014/2015, car and truck hijackings have increased dramatically at 14.2% and 29.1% respectively.

Cartrack currently has more than 530 000 clients worldwide and our services and software are built using the most advanced technologies available. This has enabled Cartrack to offer a variety of options and packages designed to meet the realities of the modern-day anti-theft and vehicle recovery as well as fleet management.

Our innovative unit’s allow you to track and monitor your vehicles 24/7/365, giving you access to accurate and reliable data.

Cartrack’s has been independently audited and boasts a proved 94% recovery rate. In addition, we offer a R150 000 Recovery Warranty* in the event that your vehicle is not recovered. (*Terms and conditions apply)

To learn more about Cartrack’s technologies, watch the video below:

The benefits of vehicle tracking for private vehicle owners

[mk_message_box type=”info-message”]Cartrack’s vehicle tracking unit can assist with protecting the physical safety and general well-being of you and your loved ones.[/mk_message_box]

Stolen Vehicle Recovery benefits include:

  • International & Local Recovery: Every Cartrack unit is equipped with international roaming capabilities, and can therefore be tracked beyond South African borders where roaming arrangements exist.
  • GSM & RF Technology: Cartrack uses two communication platforms to ensure optimal efficiency when it comes to locating your vehicle. GSM (Global Systems for Mobile Communications) network as its primary communication platform. This is the most extensive, reliable and fastest growing communication network. In the event of a recovery, Cartrack also uses RF communication to track your vehicle, which is able to local your vehicle in underground basements or garages.
  • Web Based Software: Go on-line and quickly view the location of your vehicle’s current position.
  • Instant Positioning via Control Room: Position or test your unit at any time, this can be done by simply calling the Control Room.  This feature is available to you at any time, 24/7/365.
  • Ground & Air Recovery Response: Cartrack boasts a network of in-house recovery specialists with fully equipped vehicles. They are spread out across the country to ensure a fast recovery. Depending on the area, tracking a vehicle via helicopter or fixed wing aircraft can be a lot more effective than by using vehicles alone.
  • 24-hour Unit Testing Service: Aside from our periodic proactive tests, Cartrack provides you with a free, 24-hour unit testing service. All it takes is one call to the Cartrack Control Room, and a test will immediately be carried out.
  • Strip Warning: This feature combines added undisclosed features that can alert us if the vehicle is being stripped or stolen. If we receive any alerts from this feature, we will call you straight away to confirm an incident.
  • Advanced Fitment Techniques: This added feature benefits high risk vehicles. Cartrack goes the extra mile and implements advanced fitment techniques to ensure that your vehicle is safe and secure from any outside threat.
  • Ignition Sensor: For customers that would like to monitor the usage of their vehicles, but don’t necessarily need the full functionality of a fleet management system, this feature is especially helpful.
  • 150k Warranty: Cartrack’s Recovery Warranty is a first in South Africa. We are so confident that we will recover your vehicle, we will put our money where our mouth is and give you up to R150,000 if we don’t. This warranty applies to purchases of Cartrack’s Stolen Vehicle Recovery products. Terms and conditions apply.
  • 94% Audited Recovery Rate: Cartrack boasts an externally audited 94% stolen vehicle recovery rate which is achieved through our focus on miniaturisation of in-vehicle units, specialised installation techniques and our in-house team of recovery specialists. The Cartrack control room is manned 24/7/365 days a year ensuring that our recovery teams can recovery your vehicle, quickly and effectively.
  • Installation at your Premises: Cartrack has over 300 dedicated in-house technicians nationwide. They are ready and available to install a unit at a secure and suitable place of your choice. If you’d like, you may also bring your vehicle into a Cartrack fitment centre, located at a branch in each metropolitan area. Because all technicians are employed by Cartrack, we can assure the highest fitment quality.

The benefits of vehicle tracking for fleet management

[mk_message_box type=”info-message”]Vehicle tracking technology has become an important tool for effective fleet management. It can assist in improving the safety and productivity of drivers.[/mk_message_box]

Fleet Management benefits include:

  • Stolen vehicle recovery: The Cartrack system uses the GSM network – the most extensive network currently available to the vehicle tracking industry. These technologies allow for immediate location and real-time tracking of your vehicles.
  • Web based software: Instant online access to both the current and historic location of your vehicles.
  • Reports: Automated reports provide detailed insight into the movement of your fleet. With over 40 standard reports, including trip and driver behaviour reports, as well as vehicle utilisation by hours or kilometres, you will be equipped with all the information you need to accurately and efficiently manage your fleet.
  • Geofences: Gives you the freedom to define your own no-go zones, business and client locations, and points of interest. You can be notified by e-mail or SMS when any of your vehicles enter or exit a defined geofence area.
  • Route replay: Accurately monitor driver routes and behaviour, providing you with access to information on ignition status, arrival times, route deviations, as well as data and alerts on any instances of excess idling, speeding, harsh acceleration, braking and cornering.
  • Logbook: Cartrack’s Logbook records and logs all trips undertaken by your vehicles. The addition of trip descriptions (i.e. business or personal) helps you keep your records in order. For ease of use, and for SARS submissions, reports are downloadable in excel format.
  • Accident Reconstruction: A powerful feature that allows you access to accurate, irrefutable data on the circumstances surrounding a vehicle accident – road conditions, speed, acceleration, harsh braking and turning, as well as the exact time and location of the accident.
  • Service and license alert: Get alerts if your vehicles are due for a service or when their licenses are up for renewal.
  • Automated testing: Cartrack will check your units every 6 days for free, and in the event of a unit becoming unresponsive, you will be immediately notified and a time will be scheduled to repair the device.
  • eToll reports: Allowing you to accurately monitor and resolve your fleet’s e-toll transactions nationally. The report for an individual vehicle will display the date and time, the cost assigned to the gantry and the type and class of vehicle.
  • Data storage: Cartrack provides online access to 6 months’ worth of historical data. Furthermore, Cartrack offers a secure archive storage capacity of up to 3 years. Cartrack’s data centers are of the highest quality to ensure that your data is safe and secure.
  • Training: Cartrack offers a comprehensive training service, with sessions being held at our offices or at a location of your choice. Trainees will learn how to operate the system, draw specific reports, create alerts and exceptions, manage accounts and more.

Both offer:

  • De-installation and Re-installation Service: If you wish to transfer your tracking unit from one vehicle to another, Cartrack will de-Install/re-Install the unit for a nominal fee. Simply call us to make the arrangements and our trained Cartrack technicians will de-install and re-install the unit at a place and time which is convenient for you.
  • 12 Month Warranty: Cartrack offers a one-year warranty on both the unit and the installation. Cartrack works closely with the motor industry and vehicle manufacturers, to ensure that our installations comply with the wiring specification. Cartrack also complies and is endorsed by the insurance industry.


Vehicle tracking has become an important technology for the safety of not only fleet vehicles but also for the individual driver. With the extensive range of optional extras offered by Cartrack you will be covered for almost every eventuality.

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