Let's talk about our new Drive Vision

Let's talk about our new Drive Vision

Save fuel, save money, save lives

As fleet owners step up their defenses in South Africa's increasingly volatile economic environment, effective cost management is in focus. In recent months, truck accidents on South Africa's roads have been in the news, raising concerns among many fleet managers about driver safety, particularly to reduce preventable accident rates and associated maintenance, downtime and liability costs.

"Road safety is important and I urge fleet owners to seriously consider the various tools available to address this issue. An 18-wheeled truck in the wrong hands is a potential weapon of mass destruction, and we must hold drivers accountable not only for their actions, but also drivers who drive recklessly. The current situation on our roads will not improve unless we are prepared to share the consequences of our actions," said John Edmeston, CEO of Cartrack.

In response, Cartrack launched Drive Vision, a product that combines in-vehicle audio and video equipment with Cartrack's comprehensive connected car technology to firmly focus on security. It effectively takes fleet management to the next level, allowing fleet managers to drive virtually with their drivers.

Drive Vision obtains information from vehicle driver behavior data and video event recording technology to provide a bird's-eye view of any event, whether it's a hard brake or a serious accident. "This information can be valuable in accurately reconstructing the process at the time of the incident to determine the cause of the accident," John explains.

Drive Vision is a comprehensive dual-camera system that works with competent driving performance programs. The on-board vision device includes a main camera, which records video footage of the road ahead of the vehicle with a 120-degree exterior view, and an auxiliary driver camera, which provides a view of the vehicle's cab with an infrared light for use in low-light conditions. This is used in conjunction with a microphone that records the audio channels that accompany the video clip.

The camera system has a built-in accelerometer that records events such as overspeeding, hard braking, and sharp acceleration. When an event is triggered, a trained administrator at the Data Review Center will review the footage and conduct a comprehensive analysis of the incident and provide a driver coaching report.

"The footage details the actions that led to the event, how it was handled, and the outcome. It is a valuable tool for organizations that will greatly help with risk management efforts and will be of great benefit to both the driver and the company," explains John.

"Drive Vision ultimately translates into predictable and sustainable reductions in fleet operating costs, especially in terms of fuel and maintenance cost savings. At its core, Drive Vision also provides fleet owners with an unprecedented way to reduce the frequency of collisions and damage, something South African roads desperately need," concludes John.


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