Cartrack's secret to lowering car expenses

Cartrack's secret to lowering car expenses

Your car is your second largest expense after your home. Unfortunately, once you drive your car out of the showroom, the expenses don't stop.

Here are some strategies that can help you save thousands of dollars over the life of your car:

fuel oil

Drive with caution
Regular maintenance
Keep your tires in top condition

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Driving habits

Turn off the air conditioning
Don't jerk on the gas
Use cruise control

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Shop around and use comparison sites to find the best value for money plan.
For older vehicles, insurance coverage is reduced to third-party liability, fire, and theft. The cost of repairs after a crash can exceed the value of the vehicle.
Bundle your insurance policies together. Insuring your home and car with the same insurance company can reduce your premiums by about 10%.
To install a Cartrack device, many insurance companies offer a discount after installing the device.
Designate a second driver (partner/spouse) on the policy, which will usually give you a discount on your premium.
Know when a claim is settled. Your premiums usually increase after an accident, so if you're involved in a minor collision, weigh whether the cost of repairs will outweigh the premium hike and the deductible you'll need to pay.

Check your car's service manual to find out what the car needs to do at what mileage. The dealer may recommend additional maintenance, which will be covered in the next service.
Avoiding hard braking can save you gas and maintenance costs! You will extend the life of your brakes and save money.
Tire shifting, if you can, do it yourself. By shifting positions, you can help ensure that both sets of tires wear evenly. The higher your mileage, the more often you should transpose.
Take care of simple repairs yourself, such as replacing wiper blades, fuses, and bulbs.


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