Education Fund

The Cartrack Education Fund provides access to primary, secondary and tertiary education for underprivileged communities, employees and their children. By supporting the education of youth and children, Cartrack believes that this will not only have a profound impact on their lives, but also bring economic prosperity to their families and communities in the future.

Enterprise development

As part of its socio-economic development program, Cartrack provides management support for Pro-Fit, a 100% Black-owned small and medium-sized company, and has appointed Pro-Fit as an Authorized Equipment Center. Pro-Fit is strongly supported by Cartrack in terms of financial stance, as well as management and skill transfer.

Its main business is the installation and maintenance of products and fleet management systems for the recovery of stolen vehicles. Pro-Fit specializes in installing Cartrack products.

The Pro-Fit Equipment Center has received comprehensive training on Cartrack products and specifications. Pro-Fit is also licensed to sell all Cartrack products.

Missing children

Cartrack is committed to taking care of what matters most to you, such as supporting Missing Children South Africa. The fact that South Africa has a high probability of missing persons is unbelievable, with statistics from the South African Police Service showing that a child disappears every five hours. Each of us has a responsibility to do something to protect the children who depend on us most. Thanks to the power of social media, information about missing children can spread quickly, increasing the probability of recovery.

Cartrack provides financial support to the Missing Children Agency of South Africa, which enables the organisation to improve its ability to deliver vital services to South Africans, and the company further supports it through social media campaigns and engagement.

Visit the Missing Children page


Cartrack supports the nonprofit organization Wheel Well and its "Car Seats for Kids" campaign. The sole purpose of the program is to collect car seats from donors, which are then cleaned, checked for defects, refurbished and thus provided to families in need, and in turn, when their children grow up and no longer need car seats, we encourage them to recycle them permanently.


Cartrack sponsored a rapid emergency rescue device called "Kwagga." The vehicle's main purpose is to provide protection at the scene of an accident and to provide support to paramedics and firefighters. This auxiliary vehicle has comprehensive medical and victim rescue capabilities, can operate independently of official medical rescue vehicles, and provide rapid assistance for road accident rescue operations.